“We at Stamford, recognize the fact that ever product we deliver to Azerbaijan saves life and prolongs life of our citizens. We are focused on our mission to be right partner of our health system, to play a key role in providing our people with tools necessary for having a better and healthy life.
In addition to our work with the government we will work with non-governmental entities to share experience within round tables on the ways we can together find mechanisms to better engage with every patient who needs us. Furthermore, we plan to provide students of Medical University with grants for developing their solutions which can be regarded as perspective. We wish to support communities of talented students. Students who need business skills advises will benefit our mentorship program which is being developed.
In a monthly basis we make donations to children diagnosed with illnesses that require financial help.

Taking care of our customers starts with taking care of our own employees.
Our company represents an entity of equal opportunities, where a feedback is greeted with welcome, where challenging a decision is being encouraged. We have proven to ourselves that teamwork drives to success.

We will stay committed to the idea of care of ourselves, our customers and our communities”.